Why do I need to take a vitamin?

Why do I need to take a vitamin? As we age, our cells become susceptible to damage from many sources including toxins, pollution, disease and stress. A diet high in brightly colored fruits and vegetables (red grapes, blueberries, tomatoes, peppers, etc) provide naturally occurring antioxidant vitamins that help to repair this cell damage. Since very few people consume enough nutrients through foods, taking a multi-vitamin can help supplement this deficiency.

What is a good multi-vitamin to take? This question comes up repeatedly from my patients. Until recently, I was hesitant to answer. However, after researching the subject, I have concluded that Lifepak Nano is an excellent choice. It is a highly absorbed, quality assured, properly balanced source of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to meet the demands of everyday life.

How do I know if I am absorbing vitamins the way I should? In the past, a very expensive blood test was needed to measure anti-oxidant levels and the results represented the levels only at the time it was taken so that consumption of a recent meal high in vitamins could falsely elevate the value. I have recently obtained an biophotometric scanner which accurately measures the anti-oxidant levels in your body using your hand. With this scanner, we can monitor the level of anti-oxidants and track your progress while improving your health.

Why is this score so important? Your antioxidant level is an indicator of the status of your protection against free-radicals that can lead to diseases and can speed up the aging process. Antioxidants are your body?s first defense against these free radicals.

What are anti-oxidants? Anti-oxidants are vitamins like A, C, E, Coenzyme Q-10, carotenoids and phytonutrients that reverse or slow down oxidation in your cells by neutralizing free-radicals. What are free-radicals? Free radicals are unstable molecules that are missing an electron and ?steal? an electron from a stable cell resulting in that cell becoming unstable. The new unstable cell ?steals? an electron from an adjoining cell and so on, causing a chain reaction that can result in cell damage and potentially illness. The process of ?stealing electrons? is oxidation (a form of rotting) and is repaired naturally by our body through the use of anti-oxidants.

How do I increase my anti-oxidant level? You can increase your levels by eating plenty of brightly colored fruits and vegetables (which are high in flavonoids and carotenoids) and by taking a multi-vitamin supplement. Avoiding excess stress and toxins such as smoking, pollution, toxins and pesticides can also increase your anti-oxidant level.

How do I get scanned? You can be scanned in our office. There is a $20.00 charge per scan. However, as part of your annual physical, a biophotometric scan will be included at no charge along with the other routine lab tests.

It must be emphasized that the use of multi-vitamin supplements are just that, a supplement, or an addition to a healthy lifestyle that is balanced with healthful eating, moderate exercise and avoidance of toxins.

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